Man on Fire

Man on Fire
Release date
28 April 2017
Boogie Patrol
Man on Fire
28 April 2017 |

A high energy sonic party that harkens back to the days of classic blues and rock’n soul. The ten original tracks showcase the gritty, soulful sound they are known for, while showcasing the bands tight musicianship and aptitude for songwriting.


5-piece Edmonton band Boogie Patrol are serenading audiences with their newest album, Man On Fire. Soulful, true-to-their-roots, and rhythm-heavy, the 10-track album delivers a sizzling combination of jazzy instrumentals and throaty vocals. The result? Tracks that will wow both Blues veterans and new casual listeners alike.

“Players Blues” is the song that pulls back the curtain of the album, kicking it off with a horn-laden, 70’s-inspired extravaganza. Classically catchy and atmospheric, “Players Blues” is a New Orleans-style toe-tapper that begs for listeners to let their hair down and soak in the bluesy throwback of the instrumentals.

Same-titled “Man On Fire” barrels onto the scene late into the album, shining a focus on the gritty side of the album. With punchy lyrics and lead vocals like the later Paul Weller’s, Boogie Patrol shows off their diverse sound and instrumental mastery in one solid track.

Soulful, classically appealing, and explosively put together, Man On Fire isn’t an album to be missed.


“Rott’n” Dan Shinnan proves both a powerhouse vocalist and prolific collaborator on this rock-solid Edmonton-based outfit’s current offering. There are no holes to be found in their set list, all co-penned by Shinnan and band members and drenched in savvy of the genres they embrace. There’s a big taste of Bobby Womack in the horn-laced leadoff track, “Players Blues”, and Shinnan’s high-voltage delivery preps the listener for what’s to come on successive tracks. Standouts among these include the soul-rocker “Foolish Mind”, an “after hours” ballad, “Hard To Tell You”, and a high-octane, rave-up shuffle “Easy To See”.