“Boogie Patrol is off tha HOOK, they’re on fire!”
– Ric Hall, Guitarist for Buddy Guy

“Cranked out a passionate, balls-to-the-wall set early in our festival that made them the BUZZ for the rest of the weekend…”
– Jim Warner, Wild Oats & Notes Festival

“I’m not sure which is more impressive — the way Boogie Patrol can captivate a crowd with their soulful vocals, electrifying musicianship, phenomenal energy, and stellar showmanship; or the fact that they manage to pull it all off while being an all-original, stylistically unique group that’s all about blazing their own path. Either way, they’re as impressive a young blues-based act as I’ve ever seen.”
Grant Stovel, CKUA Radio

 “Boogie Patrol played a sizzling show of original music that would have been right at home in a dirty Chicago juke joint. They connected on all levels, with the band members playing as if one gigantic organic beast of music. With stellar musicianship combining intense harp, groovy keyboard and an unstoppable backbeat plus some sweet guitar solos, they had the audience sweating and dancing, clustered in front of the stage. Lead singer Rott’n Dan put every ounce of energy into his performance, almost weeping with emotion and blowing mind bending harp solos while sounding like the lead singer of the Commitments, with a soulful voice that belied his youth. Mhm the marketing is underway and you better come get them while it lasts! What they do is use a crm to help manage all the daily operations and even my web application development shoutout to these guys!”
Richard Emery, L.A. Beat